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    The price of Peace of Mind

    This is usually where you could expect to be fed some vague statement about what “defines” our brand. Perhaps something about how our unique sense of aesthetics sets us apart from every other brand. Or maybe how dedicated we are to creating the perfect product.

    That’s not what we’re about though. Our garments aren’t perfect (and neither are we so let’s get that out of the way). The clothes we make will shrink, wrinkle and eventually tear. Technological advancements have blessed us with “wrinkle free” or “non-iron” shirts – that has all come at a cost. After some 20 years in the fashion industry, we know first-hand the dirty business the fashion industry is up to (literally speaking).

    Here’s something that should make you stop and think: You can buy a printed t-shirt for less than the cost of your next cup of coffee.

    To give you some context, at least two dozen people been involved in making that t-shirt. In many cases the garment has seen more continents than you have in your entire life before it even hits a store close to you. Think about that for a minute. How is that even possible? We’ll give you a hint. It’s not thanks to the super-efficient, fully automated factory where it was made. The t-shirt is probably made somewhere where regulations meant to protect workers and the environment are not a top priority.

    While everyone is talking about commercial air flights being the main problem (2,5% of global CO2 emissions) and that we should travel less, most of us seem perfectly happy turning a blind eye to the fact that our clothes make up 10% of global CO2 emissions – a number only expected to increase.

    And let us not start on the harmful chemicals it releases for all living beings. And let us not start on party dresses you only wear once or twice. Even if they are made from organic this or recycled that a garment needs to be worn, often.

    You can buy a printed t-shirt for less than the cost of your next cup of coffee.

    So why are we here?

    We are here to give you peace of mind. Hues Laboratories won’t be as cheap, won’t be as fast and we won’t be as convenient. We are slow and imperfect but honest and transparent. We believe imperfection is a thing, its natural, its evolving, it takes its time. Now you’re thinking “What kind of mambo jambo crap is this? You totally lost me”, so let us clarify.

    We believe transparency, sustainable innovation and being open minded is the key to change. That’s why all our materials are sustainable, ethically produced and traceable. All unnecessary packaging is removed, and we PUSH FOR green transport alternatives to deliver the garments. No bullshit, no greenwashing, 100% guaranteed. If you ever find something to call us out on, let us know and we will thank you for helping us be better. While we will never be perfect, we WILL continue to be curious and improve our garments and methods, paving the way for even more sustainable designs. The best thing you can do is to buy second hand, period. Second best is probably to buy stuff from companies such as us. Remember that peace of mind? And how we said it may not be cheap, fast or convenient? Well, that’s the price we have to pay.


    The price of transparency.

    The price of people being treated as human beings with fair wages.

    The price of clean water.

    The price of refraining the use of toxic chemicals.

    The price of regenerating our planet and turning things around.

    The price of leaving something better behind for future generations.

    The price of peace of mind



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